Expertise. Service. Humans.

At the end of the day, email is about connection. When you call one of us at Inbox Group, we’re more likely to ask about your dog or your vacation plans than we are about your upcoming newsletter or campaign. That’s because we’re human, and we like treating you like one as well.

The Inbox Group Management Team:

Christopher Donald
Christopher Donald CEO/Strategist
Chris has been in active in the digital world since 1993 and sent his first email campaign in 1995. He’s worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, non-profits, SMBs and government agencies on everything from strategy to creative to “digging in the dirt” analytic/data modeling. Chris lives in TX with his wife Kari and their five dogs. He’s a BIG baseball fan, loves a good steak and zombie movies.
Sherry Parady
Sherry Parady Chief Financial Officer
Sherry has been in Accounting since 1975. She obviously began as a baby playing with an abacus. She has worked in many industries including Publishing, Retail, Engineering, Restaurants, Caterers, Insurance and Non-Profits. She’s worked for Fortune 500 companies and independent small businesses. Sherry’s most cherished possessions are her Kindle and her DVR. She lives in Texas with her husband and four spoiled Italian Greyhounds.
Scott Cohen
Scott Cohen VP of Marketing
Scott once earned the nickname “Scriptini” because of his ability to produce quality writing on ridiculous deadlines. Branching out from copy writing since then, Scott has been heavily involved in email marketing since 2007. Having both agency and client-side end-user experience, Scott brings a unique perspective that combines best practices with real-world-tested strategy and tactics. When not spending (probably) too much time working or learning, Scott spends his time as a father, husband, sports fanatic, and budding strength-training nut.