Lifecycle Email Marketing

Embrace the Relationship Side of Email Marketing

Lifecycle email marketingIt’s no secret that people will buy from brands they trust, especially brands with whom they consider themselves to have a relationship. Inbox Group’s lifecycle email marketing approach takes a evolved view of email marketing and focuses on building and maintaining long-lasting, profitable relationships with your most engaged customers.

Lifecycle Email Marketing in Action

Lifecycle email marketing is about engaging your customers over a period of time, increasing the relevancy of your messages, and driving higher lifetime value as a result. Here are some examples of simple lifecycle programs Inbox Group can help you develop:

  • Welcome Programs. We can help you set up and deploy an automated, three-touch or more email series which allows you to communicate important information at one of the most crucial points in your relationship with your subscribers.
  • Win-Back Programs. We can help you create multi-touch programs to re-engage with those subscribers who have stopped responding to your emails.
  • Browse Triggers We can help you create triggered programs to engage with those subscribers who browse certain products or services.
  • NLP (Next Logical Product) Triggers When we sift through your purchase data we can find trends that show when someone purchases product X they usually purchase product Y shortly thereafter. For an example: Someone buys a front-loading washer and dryer, with a few months they also buy the pedestals they rest on. By creating a triggered message we can help close the timeline of those purchases and drive revenue quicker.

Inbox Group can help you formulate and act on a comprehensive lifecycle email marketing program that meets or exceeds your goals.

Inbox Group helps companies and non-profits of all sizes communicate with their customers, establish relationships, ensure retention, and build credibility through email, social media, and mobile.

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