Month: March 2011

  • Email Marketing: The Great Facilitator

    In my previous rant, I made the argument about what email marketing is not, that being a conversation. I said that email marketing is a great conversation starter, but by the definition of the word itself, it’s not a conversation in and of itself. But I think conversation starter, while valid and solid in argument, may

    Posted by Scott Cohen
    March 29, 2011 in story time

  • Email Marketing: A Conversation Starter

    There is a lot of talk in the email marketing space about how email marketing really is a conversation between the marketer and the subscriber/customer. I have a hard time believing that email MARKETING is a conversation, simply because conversation is not one-sided and often irrelevant. Let’s look at a couple of definitions of the

    Posted by Scott Cohen
    March 16, 2011 in story time

  • Has Your Email Marketing Lost Its Accent?

    People’s accents are a funny thing. When you talk to someone from a different part of the world, you notice their accent immediately. Some accents are hard to understand, and some are just wonderful to listen to (like those from England, Ireland, etc.). In the U.S., there are many types of accents. People from Boston

    Posted by Scott Cohen
    March 14, 2011 in story time

  • Why Source Matters in Email List Building

    If you listen to the email marketing industry, you’ll hear the constant refrain about how important it is to segment your list and target your content to keep your subscribers happy. It’s solid advice, no doubt about it. But oftentimes, the focus of the segmentation argument centers on the typical demographic, psychographic, geographic and engagement

    Posted by Scott Cohen
    March 11, 2011 in story time

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