Month: January 2014

  • Coding Pixel Perfect Emails [Part 5 – More Responsive Tips]

    Posted by Scott Cohen On January 15, 2014 in story time I 0 Comments

    Wrapping up this series on coding emails, we’ll look at some final layout commands along with other handy code snippets and tools. Column Shifting Layouts Two column layouts can work great for a wide desktop display, but when viewing on a small mobile device, converting it to a 1 column stacked design can greatly improve

  • Adventures in Holiday Email Marketing

    Posted by Scott Cohen On January 9, 2014 in story time I 0 Comments

    It’s no secret that retailers ramp up their email marketing volume come the holiday season. They would be fools not to milk that “special” time of year for all it’s worth.There was one retailer in particular—for me, at least—that took the holiday season as a cue to unleash the hounds onto my inbox. That retailer is Brookstone.I’ve always been a fan of Brookstone—mostly for the massage chairs and the free lounging time they used to heartily encourage back in my youth (when malls were a thing and cells phones only existed in Mercedes). I’ve even purchased a couple of products—in-store, not online. As a result of my fandom, I’ve been on their email marketing list for at least a couple of years now.I had a feeling that the onslaught was coming when in November, the email marketing volume went from a few per week to once a day. Then, as we approached Thanksgiving, it happened:I received 111 emails between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve.Over those 27 days, that averages out to a little over 4 emails per day.At first glance, that seems excessive. On the other hand, there is some logic to mailing multiple times a day.

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