Abandon Shopping Cart Email Marketing Whitepaper

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Save Your Shopping Carts with Email

The perennial problem: Cart Abandonment.

Site visitors who place items in their shopping cart, only to never complete the purchase. The items sit there, tantalizingly close to a sale–but they don’t sell. In fact, it’s not rare for cart abandonment rates to reach 80% or more.

Considerable effort goes into website and cart optimization to reduce abandonment, but two problems limit this approach:

1) People’s failure to complete a purchase often has nothing to do with website factors.

2) Website optimization cannot react to an abandonment after the event: once they leave the website, they’re gone.

Which is where email comes in.

In this whitepaper, we’ll explain the principles behind the success of cart abandonment email programs. We’ll also outline potential message content and describe a 6-step process for creating a winning cart abandonment email program.

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