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  • 7 Tips for Killer Subject Lines That Boost Your Open Rates

    Posted by Chris Donald On September 19, 2018 in story time I 0 Comments

    You’ve spent hours perfecting your email, crafting the ideal copy, layout, and design. It’s a thing of beauty. But what you didn’t account for was your subject line, one of the key factors in determining whether your email even gets seen. Customers are getting hammered with hundreds of marketing emails each day (none as amazing

  • Perfecting Interactive Email Marketing Strategy

    Posted by Chris Donald On September 5, 2018 in story time I 0 Comments

    Emails are getting more and more creative with the advancements in email design and coding. This has reinvented the opportunities for email marketing. According to a study by Litmus, the top email design trend for 2018 is ‘Creating interactive email experiences’. Interactivity in email has maintained its prestige since 2017 and it will continue to

  • How to Turn Your Subscribers into Customers through Email Marketing

    Posted by Chris Donald On August 21, 2018 in story time I 0 Comments

    Email may not be the only digital marketing strategy you implement for your business, but it still packs a powerful punch when automated to engage your subscribers on a personal level. Employ subscriber insights to build high levels of engagement with prospective customers. By understanding individual subscribers’ needs, you can develop a personalized email campaign

  • How to Tackle the Pitfalls of Email List Fatigue

    Posted by Chris Donald On July 24, 2018 in story time I 0 Comments

    With the number of email users predicted to grow to 4.1 billion by 2021, it has become imperative for businesses to include it as an unprecedented marketing tool. In fact, amidst all the digital marketing strategies, email marketing is the most successful with a median ROI of 122%. Yes, the returns are quite high and

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