2012 Rockin’ New Year: The Women of Email Marketing

Posted by Scott Cohen On December 10, 2011 in story time I 3 Comments

Just before Christmas, I did a blog post about the great people on the Only Influencers list.  I included a short list of people from the group, and much to my dismay, I seemed to have overlooked many of the great women in email marketing (Thanks for the gentle nudge Karen.).  I’m not sure why this happened, maybe I’m just a dumb @ss sometimes.

I would be remiss in not calling out the great women who make email marketing better for all of us.  So I’m going out on a limb here with a list of who I think are the “Rockin’ Women of Email Marketing.”  If I miss anyone, and I’m sure I will, please forgive me and add anyone who you think deserves to be on this list in the comments.

So here’s my list in no particular order, names are linked to their Twitter accounts, so follow them… you’ll be smarter for doing so!

The Rockin’ Women of Email Marketing:

Tamara Gielen & Kath Pay – Plan to Engage (The Dynamic Duo)

Anna Yeaman – stylecampaign

Karen Talavera – Synchronicity Marketing

Ali Swerdlow – Email Experience Council

Stephanie Miller – Aprimo

Tami Forman – ReturnPath

Laura Forer – Audible.com (No Twitter account, so I linked to her LinkedIn acct.)

Kara Trivunovic – StrongMail

Michele Souder – Trendline Interactive

Laura Atkins – Word to the Wise

Kristine Dobson – EmailDirect

Justine Jordan – Litmus

Jeanne Jennings – JeanneJennings.com

Jessica Best – emfluence

Janet Roberts – Content by Janet Roberts

Gretchen Scheiman – Ogilvy (Private Twitter acct., so I linked to her LinkedIn acct.)

Erika Roe – NC State University

Elisabeth Szczokot – Alberta Motor Association

Dori Thompson – dorithompson.com

Denise Cox – Newsweaver

Amy Fitzgibbons – Sailthru

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