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  • Managed Email Marketing Services

    Posted by Scott Cohen On December 7, 2011 in story time I 0 Comments

  • Email Marketing: 4 Steps to Manage Your Inactive Subscribers

    Posted by Scott Cohen On December 5, 2011 in story time I 0 Comments

    Inactive subscribers aren’t necessarily inactive customers. They might not open or click on emails, but those subject lines, from lines and regular brand impressions are still positively influencing their purchase behavior. So is it still necessary to send dedicated “winback” campaigns to get these people opening and clicking again?

  • Email Marketing: Abandoned Shopping Carts and the Art of Negotiation

    Posted by Scott Cohen On November 16, 2011 in story time I 0 Comments

    While most marketers understand that emotion is a significant part of the purchasing process, so is the negotiation.  With every purchase there’s a negotiation happening, whether it’s online or offline. If you receive an email promoting a product you’re interested in buying, you’ll most likely view and probably click through to the site to see

  • Email Marketing: Seasonality and the Offseason

    Posted by Scott Cohen On September 22, 2011 in story time I 0 Comments

    If you’re a B2B email marketer, you’re probably relieved that the summer vacation season has mercifully come to a close. The decision-makers will be back in the office, and work can finally get done. There is an obvious season(s) for work and an obvious season(s) for play—scenarios that don’t just apply to holiday sales for

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