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  • The Email Geeks Poetry Slam: The Raven

    Posted by Scott Cohen On October 23, 2010 in story time I One Comment

    What happens when you get a group of email geeks talking about Halloween?  Why a rewrite of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, of course! The Raven is 18 stanzas.  We’ve rewritten the first 6 and invite others to add the next dozen stanzas in Poe order. To make it a little more fun, The Email Geeks

  • Email Marketing: Where the sidewalk ends the relationship begins

    Posted by Scott Cohen On October 6, 2010 in story time I 0 Comments

    What do the book “Where the sidewalk ends” and the songs; A Boy Named Sue, and The Cover of the Rolling Stone have in common?  They were all written by Shel Silverstein. In the mid-90s while living in Key West I had the good fortune of meeting Shel through a good friend and got to

  • An Email Snob Interview from Scott Cohen

    Posted by Scott Cohen On September 12, 2010 in story time I 0 Comments

    This is part of the Email Snob interviews done at the blog, Scott Writes Everything by Scott Cohen.  Scott has been doing interviews with email marketing thought-leaders and we were honored that Scott asked Chris Donald to join him.  You can read the complete interview here. Thanks again to Scott and we continue to enjoy the

  • Email Subscriber Tagging Geo-location and Endorphin Boost with Nano-Technology

    Posted by Scott Cohen On September 10, 2010 in story time I 0 Comments

    While reviewing analytics for a Fortune 100 company, they posed the question how can we better track and increase purchases through email marketing.  So the brain-trust at Inbox Group went to work in partnership with the Nano-Technology Dept. at M.I.T.  After years of development and testing on mice, bunnies and college students, we are finally