Social Media Case Study: Gimme Some Sugar Sweepstakes grows Facebook Fans and Email List

Posted by Scott Cohen On December 10, 2011 in story time I 0 Comments

SUMMARY: When your audience plateaus in a social network, sometimes you need more than good content and a chatty demeanor to grow it further. Sometimes, you need a good campaign.

This trade association got thousands of people to join its Facebook, Twitter and email audiences during a 90-day sweepstakes targeting U.S. moms. You’ll see the campaign’s viral tactics and learn why you should never forget the “sweepers.”


The Sugar Association strives to get its message out to consumers. By sharing research, dietary advice, recipes and other information, the organization’s goal is to increase the public’s consumption of sugar.

Social media networks appeared to be a perfect way for the team to raise awareness and foster sugary discussion. But, by early 2011, the association’s profiles on Facebook and Twitter had not received much traction. The marketing team regularly shared content and tried to engage the audience, but its follower counts had not broken 200 on either network.

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