Increasing Website Traffic with Email Marketing

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For a while now, marketers have been working out ways in which they can drive traffic to the various online assets, specifically the website. Drawing engagement towards the website and managing conversions seems to be riding high on their mind. However, as they say, there are no free lunches in this world, and if you want to make a particular asset shine, you need to make the necessary spending.

Email marketing is the only low-cost and efficient vehicle that can help marketers achieve their goals and drive traffic to their online assets.

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the ROI the email marketers get is $38.

This kind of ROI will not only increase your online reputation but also enhance your visibility. Growing and scaling your business seems easy with email marketing strategies.

There are obvious ways and methods that will help you improve your website traffic through email marketing if that is your goal. Here, we will discuss these tips in detail with some examples.

Landing Pages for the Email Campaigns

Every email campaign is different with respect to the goals. What you aim to achieve from one campaign may not necessarily be true for the other campaign. If your ultimate goal for every email campaign is to get your prospects to visit the website and stay there for a while, then you ought to design a landing page that is specific to the email campaign and its goals.

48% of the marketers build a new landing page for each of their marketing campaign.

The emails will not tell the full story; it will just initiate the conversation and give some brief intro into what the prospect is looking for.

It is the landing page that will provide the full story to the prospects. Every email should be designed in a way that the CTA compels them to take the action that you want them to.

When designing the perfect landing page for the email campaign, here are a few pointers that you need to take into account.

  • When working on the copy for the landing page, make sure it is concise and precise. It should be in line with the content that you have written for the email campaign
  • Clarity is important. When you want to convey something, make sure it is conveyed with the use of minimal words
  • The landing page should not include more than one CTA and highlight the action button in a different colour
  • The design, theme and even the fonts of the landing page should be in sync with the design of the email. If you have used a particular theme, say the Christmas theme to design your emails, then make sure the landing page is also designed using the Christmas theme.
  • Don’t mess up the design and the content by adding too many images or text that is hard to comprehend
  • Add forms to the landing pages for effective conversions. Make sure to add forms that are short and complete with the necessary information

Suiteness has designed the email marketing campaign for their subscribers, in an attempt to make them use their credits and plan another travel. Their landing page was also designed in accordance with the email campaign.

Permission for Email Marketing

Sending emails to the subscribers who have not allowed your emails or, who don’t want to be added to your subscriber list can ruin your online reputation. Your email campaign and its conversion depends on who you send the email to, and how they respond to it.

Make sure your subscriber list is based on who all have opted-in for the emails. This says they are interested in receiving emails from you and are ready to convert. If you target people who are genuinely interested, one you will not get blacklisted, and second chances of increasing conversions will grow high.

The people interested in receiving emailers from you might even visit your website’s landing page and willingly convert.

For permission-based marketing, make sure you have a form on your website or your social channels or any other medium or channel of interaction that you may have with the user. The form should ask for basic information, including their interests, and should allow the prospects to sign up for emails from you.

Interest-based Personalized Emails

Sending out random emails will never get you the conversion you desire. For instance, if you send an email about men’s grooming product to someone who is not interested in grooming or, an email containing tips to gardening to a person who does not have a garden, then your email is wasted. Chances are these subscribers will opt-out of the email list, and eventually, you will have to look out for fresh leads.

Instead, when you ask the prospects to fill out the opt-in form, make sure to ask them to tick on their interests. This way you will be able to create different subscriber lists based on their interests.

Based on the past search made for a particular flight, Google sent out an email that mentioned the price changes in the flight. This is the level of personalization you need to achieve if you want to convert your subscribers successfully.

Targeting people with personalized emails can become easy as a result, and eventually, the emails will be opened and the subscribers will visit the website to engage better with your business.

You can even ask them how frequently they wish to receive emails from you, and add that to the personalization factor as well.

Analytics & its Importance

To understand the impact of your email marketing campaign and how it has affected the website engagement and conversions, you need to keep a tough eye on the analytics. For email marketing, email open and click-through rate will help you monitor the statistics. However, when it comes to website engagement, you will need to study the Google analytics, and identify the time spent by the subscriber on the particular page, and the total number of pages they visited while they were on the site.

The analytics that will help you understand the success of the email campaign include:

  • Email open rates
  • Email Click-through rates
  • Time spent on landing pages
  • Visits on other pages
  • The pages that were visited

Wrapping up

Email marketing is one of the most impactful marketing strategies, which will definitely improve website traffic, and engagement thus, leading to an increase in the conversions. It is however important that you manage the campaigns effectively, set the goals at the beginning itself, and keep monitoring the campaign.

If you want us to elaborate on one or more of the tips mentioned here, then let us know in the comments section below.

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