We Grew the Revenue By 335% with these 3 Email Campaigns For Our e-commerce Client (In 3 Months!)

A bit about the client

Sixthreezero, an online e-commerce company, sells custom-fit bicycles, e-bikes, and accessories. They faced issues with their previous agency as they made multiple mistakes and were now looking for a new email marketing agency. Segmentation, list management, and poor template designs were the most profound concerns.

What was it all about?

The entire exercise revolved around optimizing their email marketing operation. Our team of experts delivered results in just a few months, including a 335% increase in revenue compared to the same time period from the previous year!

What was the client aspiring for?

  • Assistance with the conceptualization, design, and coding of emails and email campaigns.

  • Higher e-bike sales.

  • Creation of Optimized Cart Abandonment and Welcome Campaigns

  • Creation and execution of manual email campaigns for holidays, special events, and newsletters.

What the client achieved


Instant 50% increase in revenue.


Higher revenue from their Cart Abandonment campaigns in 2 months than the previous 14 months.


A 335% increase in revenue from the same period last year.

What the client had to say

Andrew Bowman -

E-Commerce B2C Director

Immediate increase in revenues, our return customer conversion rate increased by roughly 50%, and our open to click rates all increased. Our resources were not wasted hiring InboxGroup.

I searched through a number of forums and word of mouth on the web, and their name consistently came up. I did not find any negative reviews. They have been in business longer than any email marketing company that I can remember talking with.
Scope of work included: Rebuilding a full email system for a mid-sized website. This includes all of the standard flows recommended, email acquisition, promotional campaigns, weekly newsletters, and any marketing ideas our team could come up with.
I worked with the director and his designers to develop the emails that would connect with our target market. InboxGroup managed me, I literally had to keep up with how fast they work.

Inbox Group