9 Holiday & Manual Campaigns That Boosted Revenue By 60% For Sit ‘n Sleep

A bit about the client

Sit’n Sleep is Southern California’s largest mattress retailer selling mattresses, bedding, pillows, furniture, and more in both online and offline stores.

What was the client aspiring for?

The prominent objective of Sit’ n Sleep hiring us in 2020 was to optimize their holiday and promotional emails. Along with that, they needed help with designing, coding, and optimization of their email campaigns and automation. We worked extensively to optimize their Welcome Series, Cart Abandonment, Browse Abandonment, and Post-Purchase automation while also creating around three manual monthly campaigns.

Our plan of action

To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our email marketing campaigns, we adhered to a stringent procedure that included:

  • Content hierarchy

  • Social proof

  • Objection handling & friction reduction

  • Optimized CTAs

How did Sit’n Sleep get benefitted?

Our consistent and conscious design and optimization tactics led to an increase in their holiday email campaign revenue by 60%!

What the client had to say

Andrew Miller -

Director of Marketing

I found Inboxarmy after researching online. They were the best solution available. They were also extremely affordable. The refreshed campaigns that the InboxArmy team created led to an increase in sales for the company. I was most impressed with the quality of work and how quickly they could turn the project around.

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