How We Helped An Online Retailer Increase Their Email Marketing Revenue By 300%

A bit about the client

RCJuice, an online retailer of RC electronics, parts, and accessories, is one of the largest RC retailers in the USA. They have a forte in selling high-quality products at affordable prices. They offer high-quality products as their products are extensively tested.

What was it all about?

Once our team of experts identified the loopholes and fixed them, we initiated and deployed email automation and manual email campaigns. Due to our persistent efforts, their email marketing revenue increased by 300% in just six months.

What was the client aspiring for?

  • Moving eBay/Amazon business on the site

  • Growing their email List

  • Identifying & rectifying Issues

  • Increasing email-driven revenue

How we made a difference

Our work with RCJuice involved:


Auditing their email campaigns and ESP


Migrating their email list/operation to Klaviyo


Creating enticing Welcome Email and Cart Abandonment Automation


Creating manual email campaigns

What the client had to say

The campaigns done by InboxGroup have been infinitely more successful. They showed us that we were making alot of errors in our previous email marketing and exposed us to a lot of aspects which were missing out. InboxGroup has being an outstanding asset.

John Balzowski -


What They Achieved (Results)

  • Our email migration efforts saved RCJuice ~$50K and 4-5 months of downtime as we migrated them to Klaviyo instead of upgrading to Magento 2.0.
  • The betterment of their email campaigns eventually resulted in a significant increase in:
    • Revenue.
    • Open rates.
    • Click-to-open-rates.
  • Our Cart Abandonment Automation program increased their monthly revenue by 400%
  • We paid special attention to creating a Welcome Email Automation that brought in more subscribers for engagement, and hence, their monthly revenue increased by 150%.
  • Increased their email marketing revenue by 300%
Inbox Group