How We Helped Our SaaS Client Grow Their Email List (20x), Premium Users (30x), & Revenue (34x)

A bit about the client

Reflectly is an AI-based journaling app that helps users reflect upon their daily thoughts and problems. The app leverages journaling data and sends automated affirmations daily to the users, along with personalized content.

What was the client aspiring for?

The Reflectly team was aiming to make the most out of their marketing strategy by making email an integral part of it when we first interacted in July 2020.

How we made a difference

  • We grew Reflectly’s email list by optimizing the opt-in forms

  • Enticing the new subscribers with a welcome email series to get them started

  • CTA-driven conversion of freemium to premium users

  • We help Reflectly retain freemium & premium users with value-packed emails

What Their Goals Were


Higher freemium to premium conversion rate


Better customer retention rate

What the client had to say

Martin Thomsen -

Head Of Communication at Reflectly

InboxGroup increased our email list from 20K to half a million within 6 months.

We were looking for an email marketing agency with experience within the app industry to help us increase conversion and retention through email marketing. – Martin Thomsen – Head Of Communication at Reflectly

Our plan of action

After thoroughly scrutinizing Reflectly’s customer data, we learned a key insight that formed the basis of our email marketing strategy for the brand. We learned that the more time a freemium user spends on the app, the more likely they would become paid users.

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