8 Ultimate Tips to Consider Before Shooting the Christmas Email Campaign

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A wise man once said, “Dig your well before you need the water”.

The festive season is here and so is our to-do list to achieve business goals but before you start driving great revenues, it is a must that you start planning your marketing moves for the same.

Email marketing is a great source to building customer relationship, therefore it will attract a good amount of traffic to your brand during the holidays.

Christmas is one of the most lucrative holidays that you cannot miss, if you are looking forward to generating higher email conversions.

The consumers are excited and all set for splurging on the big day. Considering the intensely competitive market, you should start planning for your Christmas emails well in advance.

Here are sure shot tips that you should be considering before planning your Christmas email campaign. 

1.Learn from your past

Before you start planning for your Christmas emails, it is important to look back to your last year campaigns and analyze what worked and what did not. It is always advisable to learn from your own mistakes. This way, you can drive better metrics and get more conversions.

2. Eyes on your competitors

The most important aspect of email marketing is to stay updated with your competitors. Not only should you be working on your strategies, but you should also take note of competitor strategies that got them more business.

See what other brands did last year and do you think it will benefit your business?

Also, determine how does your plan differ from theirs? Always be up-to-date about your rival’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Set goals for you

A successful planning can only be done when you have some goals and targets to achieve. Before making a plan, set the right expectations. You cannot measure the success or failure of your Christmas campaign if you do not have realistic goals.

4. Work on your customer data

Unless you are sending emails to a qualified data, you cannot get results from your email campaigns.

Segmenting comes into picture here. You can segment your data in several ways based on your business type and industry.

Holiday season is the best time to increase your email frequency. But instead of focusing just on increasing the email frequency, you should be working on targeting the right audience. Don’t send emails to subscribers who aren’t active. Moreover, we strongly recommend that you inform them before hand about the increase in email frequency.

Pro tip: You can implement engagement-based segmentation during the holidays. For example, you should be targeting the active subscribers in order to increase the holiday sales.

5. Enticing subject lines

First things first, the main focus in any email campaign should be the subject line. Your Christmas emails are no exception.

It has been found that 47% email open rate is based entirely on the subject line.

Try creating a sense of urgency in your subject line. You can announce a limited period offer for free shipping or discounts during Christmas.

Including emojis in the subject line is the latest trend that is being talked by many. So, subject lines with relevant emojis can beget you more open rates.

Here’s an email by 1973 with the subject line: ‘Here’s a gift for you’.


6. Shaking hand with the hottest trends

With the advancements in the email marketing world, nobody likes to read plain and monotonous emails. As an email marketer, you should think out of the box for your Christmas emails and craft an attention-grabbing email, so that your email remains the talk of the town for a long period.

Gamification, interactivity, kinetic designs are the hottest trends that are ruling the charts. Visuals will always have your customers’ hearts more than just text. Including visuals and rich media in emails can help you make a winning email this Christmas.

Here’s an email design by Tacobell that depicts the same.

7. Target the cart abandoners

Cart abandonment emails should be your priority in your holiday email campaign. Many a times, people leave things in their cart without completing the purchase. Plan unique cart recovery emails that match Christmassy mood to woo your customers and encourage them to complete the purchase.

8. Test it before you roll it

In order to make sure that your email lands safely in the inbox, test your campaign to be sure that it follows all the best practices and CAN-SPAM or GDPR guidelines.

Carry out A/B testing to find which tactics work the best for your brand.

Wrapping up

Email still stands strong as ever in the marketing domain despite the cool social media platforms. Therefore, if you are planning to run your Christmas marketing campaign without a strong email campaign then you are surely digging a grave for you. In order to generate some great revenue this Christmas start with your Christmas campaign now.

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