Email ListManagement and Email Deliverability

Growing and Maintaining a Successful Email Marketing List

Email makes communicating with your customers easy. Growing and maintaining your email marketing list is a crucial component of a successful email marketing campaign. InboxGroup can provide you with:

Email List Growth and Management Consulting

Your email marketing program is only as successful as your email marketing list–a list that is filled with people who are interested in and have given consent to receive information about your products and services.

InboxGroup’s team of email marketing professionals will help you develop and execute an email list growth plan that helps to ensure long-term growth, reduce list churn, and maintain list hygiene.

Email Deliverability

Getting your email marketing campaigns into your subscribers’ inboxes is the first and most necessary step to email marketing program success. InboxGroup will work with you to ensure your email marketing program’s delivery rates remain strong. We meet these goals by:

  • Having a strong anti-spam and email policy.
  • Aggressively reviewing and resolving delivery issues as they arise.
  • Reviewing all email lists uploaded into your platform of choice prior to sending to avoid potential delivery issues.
  • Processing unsubscribe requests, purging undeliverable email addresses, and maintaining compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.

InboxGroup is an email marketing agency helping companies and non-profits of all sizes communicate with their customers, establish relationships, ensure retention, and build credibility through email marketing, social media, and mobile.

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