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Email Marketing Audits: Independent Reviews of Your Email Marketing Program

When you’re just not sure how you can improve your email program, let the email marketing experts at Inbox Group perform an email marketing audit. We’ll get to know your email marketing program–the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll see what’s worked and what hasn’t.

What We Do in an Email Marketing Audit
  • Review your email marketing campaigns, including welcome emails, triggered emails.
  • Assess your existing email templates for design, rendering, and coding issues.
  • Review your existing targeting and segmentation strategies, sign-up, and testing processes.
  • Determine any integration needs
  • Perform competitive analysis as requested

When we’re done with the email marketing audit, we’ll present you with actionable advice and suggestions for improvements to your email marketing program.

Inbox Group is an email marketing agency helping companies and non-profits of all sizes communicate with their customers, establish relationships, ensure retention, and build credibility through email marketing, social media, and mobile.

For more information, give Inbox Group a call toll-free 1-888-504-6269.

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