Holiday Email Marketing Planning: Hanukkah Comes Early This Year

Posted by Scott Cohen On September 20, 2013 in story time I 0 Comments

Did you know, as our friends at MarketWatch have reminded us, that there will be two holiday shopping seasons this year? Bust out your calendars and your pens (err, thumbs or styli or what have you) for this:

Hanukkah begins the night before Thanksgiving this year.

So, how does that affect your email marketing plans for the holiday season?

Yes, Hanukkah is eight days long, so it will stretch INTO the traditionally busiest shopping weekend of the year (right after Thanksgiving). But, I can tell you that Hanukkah gifts, just like for Christmas, are purchased BEFORE the holiday begins.

So, I ask again, how does that affect your email marketing plans for the holiday season?

Do you start earlier? Or are you already planning to start emailing your subscribers like crazy at the beginning of November (to mimic the trend I’ve seen with TV commercials)?

All in all, this is just a friendly reminder. But I do have some quick thoughts/ideas for you as well:

1. Don’t forget about Hanukkah starting right before Thanksgiving. Plan accordingly with your November marketing schedule.

2. Consider employing two “Black Friday” cycles into your planning. Maybe build up to an early November “Black Friday” season for Hanukkah shoppers (well, really any shoppers—two sales are always better than one this time of year).

3. Incorporate “Last-Minute” Hanukkah deals into your traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday cycle. Remember, Hanukkah lasts for eight days, and will overlap with this traditionally crazy time of year.

Enjoy your two holiday shopping seasons, everyone!

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