How to Turn Your Subscribers into Customers through Email Marketing

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Email may not be the only digital marketing strategy you implement for your business, but it still packs a powerful punch when automated to engage your subscribers on a personal level. Employ subscriber insights to build high levels of engagement with prospective customers. By understanding individual subscribers’ needs, you can develop a personalized email campaign that you can’t achieve using other digital platforms, converting your subscribers into loyal customers.

Tune into What Your Subscribers Want

In today’s digital world, your subscribers have new expectations about the emails they receive. They want customization, not standardization. They want constantly engaging and improving content. They want helpful services. The one-size-fits all emails just don’t work anymore. If you want to convert your subscribers into customers, then you must transform your email marketing campaign into one that builds trust and awareness with your readers.

Strengthen Brand Value with Personalized Emails

Target the content of your emails to individual subscribers. Provide relevant, personal, dynamic content that resonates with your readers. Using your subscribers’ analytics to gather specific information, tailor your email to relate to your subscribers on an emotional level.

Understanding your subscribers is the most important aspect of your email campaign:

  • Know subscribers’ needs
  • Understand their problems
  • Be aware of their goals and values

When you take the time to relate to your subscribers with interesting, beneficial and relevant content, you create a better customer experience. The great thing about this is that you will see more engagement and you’ll build stronger relationships with your subscribers.


Automate Your Email Marketing Campaign

To convert your subscribers into customers, it’s important to automate your email marketing. Manually sending emails is not practical for businesses today because your subscribers want relevant messages, delivered at the right time with specific information.

You can send automatically triggered emails that focus on your subscribers’ behaviors. This allows you to contact them at a relevant time, which drives open rates and leads to more conversions.

Generate a Series of Follow-up Emails

Once you automate your email campaign, create a series of follow-up emails to nurture your subscribers, leading them to conversions. It’s like giving them a road map, so they can have a smooth journey to their destination. Here are a few samples of what your series should contain:

a) Heartfelt and friendly reminder emails

Begin with cheerful reminder emails, welcoming subscribers again and reminding them who you are, and why they subscribed. Reinforce your brand value and let them know what you can do for them. Also, offer them something for free, whether it’s a webinar, newsletter or eBook. This establishes your expertise and value right away. You can spread these reminder emails throughout days or weeks.

b) Offer VIP discounts and exclusives

Let your subscribers know that you care by offering exclusive deals and discounts. This opens the door to conversions; giving you a chance to convince them that only subscriber VIPs receive personalized exclusive deals. Give them even more of a boost by limiting the time of the deals or calling them introductory offers.

c) Bring Back the Ones Who Got Away

If your subscribers say, “No” the first time you send them an offer, don’t give up. Instead, do some more research, collecting all the data you can about them. Learn more about what they like and need. Continue engaging them with valuable content, making them more offers that suit their needs.

They might not even accept your offer the second or third time. Maybe it’s just not the right time for them, but keep reaching out to them and eventually, you’ll make the sale.

d) Celebrate birthdays and milestones – Using your subscriber analytic data, send special deals to subscribers celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or other milestones. Include coupons or discounts for special occasion celebrations. These emotional promotions engage your subscribers, helping strengthen your relationship with them.

e) Jilted Shopping cart reminder – If you notice that a subscriber actually added items to the shopping cart but never finalized the sale, all they need is a little nudge to complete the purchase. Just give them a friendly reminder about what’s in the cart and include a call-to-action, guiding them to the checkout button.

Final Thoughts

With automated, personal, well-planned email marketing strategies based on building relationships, you’ll have increased conversion rates. As long as you treat your subscribers like friends and offer them valuable incentives, they’ll buy from you. As you connect with them through emails, you’ll increase your loyal customers who spread the value of your brand to others.

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