How to Skyrocket Conversions Through Email Marketing

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One of the key goals of email marketing is acquiring prospects and nurturing them, and eventually motivating them to take some kind of action. The biggest advantage of email marketing is that it cuts through the noise and enables one-on-one communication with the subscriber.

If your email marketing campaigns are not bringing you optimum conversions, it could be time you review the emails and make the necessary amendments.

1. Have a quality email list

Email marketing begins with an email list. If you do not have a quality list, your email marketing will be ineffective and ultimately you will not be able to generate sales and conversions. To make sure that your email list has subscribers who are genuinely interested in hearing from you, you should seek explicit permission to send them emails. Execution of anti-spam laws like GDPR has made it all the more important to follow the best practices while building an email list. We strongly recommend never purchase an email list and here you can check how to verify and validate your email list in bulk

2. Use persuasive words in your copy

Your email copy should not be salesy, but persuasive. It should be personalized and relevant for the subscriber. Email marketing strategy will be futile unless your email provides valuable information that the subscriber might be looking for. Therefore, you should strive to address the challenges or pain points of the subscriber through the email.

Here’s an example by Harvard Business Review. They clearly convey to the email recipients ‘what’s in it for them’ once they subscribe to HBR.

3. Think of a creative email copy

Everyone loves people who can make them laugh. Add an element of humor to your email copy to encourage more people to act on your email and drive more conversions. Here’s an example by freedom. They have written a creative copy to promote their sale. The CTA “SHOP SAVE COLIN SALE” is intriguing enough to make the reader click through the email.

4. Include visual elements

Email design is as important as email copy. You should include relevant visuals that would tempt the subscriber to make the purchase. This is particularly important for ecommerce, retail and travel industry. Include the product images and photographs of the destinations to bring more conversions. You can also try experimenting with GIFs and cinemagraphs. If you are a service-based company, you can include videos that shed light on how to use your services. The more informative your emails, the better is your chance for conversions. Take a look at the email example by Crate and Barrel. The image will surely entice you to make the purchase.

5. Automate your email campaigns

Automation is the best tactic to nurture your prospective customers and convince them to make the purchase. It lets you send behavior-based emails according to the subscriber’s activity and also saves the time and effort required to send those emails manually. For example: Whenever a subscriber signs up, send a welcome email. After he or she makes the purchase, you can send them follow-up email on how they liked the product. You can even send an upsell or cross-sell email based on the past purchases of the subscriber. If the subscribers are dormant or have made no purchase in the past six months, you can send out a re-engagement email to win them back. You can simply add the right conditional clause and then set the email automation workflow to trigger the right emails.

6. Design mobile-responsive emails

Maximum subscribers on your list are accessing the emails on mobile devices. Hence, it is incumbent upon you to design responsive emails that would render well on all devices regardless of the screen size. Broken layout is the biggest turn off for your subscribers, so you should be extra careful while designing your emails. To be doubly sure, test all your email campaigns before hitting the ‘Send’ button.

7. A/B test your emails

To determine what is working for your email, A/B test your campaigns. Prepare two or multiple versions of your emails and send to a sizeable list of subscribers. You can finalize the email that brings you better results and send it to the remaining subscribers. A/B test your subject lines, email copy, design layout, CTA placement, and inclusion of visual elements. Keep optimizing your email campaigns based on the results and you will surely build better performing emails.

Wrapping Up

Generating conversions by emails can be a tricky affair but if done right, it can be the best marketing channel for any business. These tips will surely help you generate higher conversions if you have a quality email list.

Do you have any other tips to share?

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