Let’s Click the Hell Out of Here!

Posted by Scott Cohen On July 31, 2013 in story time I 0 Comments

Often times I see emails that are too focused on selling. They are jam-packed with each and every value proposition. They have paragraphs and paragraphs of content. You have to scroll more than once to reach the bottom. Not that emails like these don’t have their time and place, but if you are trying to maximize conversions then you’d be on the wrong track.

Assuming you are sending to a list of opt-in subscribers (people familiar with your brand and what you sell) then your goal should be to showcase one proposition to those who aren’t ready to buy. You’ll pick up those who aren’t ready to buy today with an upcoming email. For now, you just need to remain top of mind and keep conveying different value propositions to keep their interest.

For those who are ready to buy, you need to make the conversion funnel as smooth and quick as possible. The smoother and quicker your conversion funnel the more conversions you’ll pick up.

Think of your email as just an extension of your website, which has a natural path that people take towards the conversion. You want to help the buyers through that funnel by getting them to click out of your email and into the late stages of the funnel on your website. It seems odd that you would spend all this time designing and building a pretty email that you want people to click out of as quickly as possible, but that is the goal. It’s also why I often see ugly emails sell better. If there isn’t anything pretty to look at people are more likely to click or move on.

Increase your conversions by concentrating on the click. Within a few seconds of glancing at the email will someone see a compelling reason to buy today and a large call to action moving them towards purchase? Or do they need to look around for a link and read a detailed paragraph to know why to buy today?

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