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With the unprecedented growth of the digital world and online business, it is difficult to run a traditional brick and mortar business. It doesn’t only require you to draw customers offline but, also has a longer sales cycle as compared to any online business. In fact, it is even difficult to track its ROI.

All in all, it is complicated to market a brick and mortar business in a world where anything and everything is available online. However, with email marketing in hand, you can successfully market your brick and mortar business while having an edge over competitors. 68% of marketers are already using it for targeting audience.

So, start leveraging email marketing to tempt people to visit your store. Remember, brick and mortar businesses give better in-store experience to customers than compared to web stores. As a result, using email marketing as a communication tool rather than a sales tool will do the needful for your business.

Now, let’s take a broader look at the varied benefits a Brick and Mortar business can have through email marketing.

1. Accelerates ROI

65% of marketers find their email marketing ROI either good or excellent. This speaks volumes about the benefit of including email marketing into your Brick and Mortar business. After all, a good return on investment is the ultimate objective of any business and with the right email marketing strategy, you can certainly reach there in a cost-effective way.

2. Retains existing customer base

Do you know 80% of marketers rely on email marketing for customer retention?  Moreover, with 65% of a company’s business coming from the existing customer base, you have all the more reasons to leverage email marketing for retaining your customer base too. With email marketing, you can promote new offers and entice customers to do repeat purchase. Also, it keeps your business on the top of the customer’s mind by constantly being in touch with them in their inbox. Remember, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while selling to a new prospect comes with a minimal 5-20%. So, undoubtedly email marketing can be your go-to strategy for building a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

All set to take your Brick and Mortar business to the next level through email marketing? All you need to do is create an impeccable email list and earn huge revenues out of it. Here are the steps to help you do the needful.

1. Go for incentives

You can incentivize your customer base to ensure that they submit their primary email address, the one that they constantly check. Here are some ideas you can use to incentivize your potential subscribers.

● Post-purchase discount

A nominal discount, once the customer completes the purchase and gives you their email id, is a good way of building the trust factor within your customers while you enhance your genuine email list. It even triggers repeat purchase and ultimately accelerates your ROI.

● Next purchase discount

You can motivate customers to subscribe to your email list by promising them an offer, a discount such as a redeemable email coupon code on their next purchase.

● Early access and personalized offers

Giving early access and personalized offers to customers give them a feeling of being special, thereby motivating them to sign up and become your loyal customers.

2. Have a simple subscription process

You can create an impeccable email list by making the whole subscribing process easy and seamless for your customer base. You can do so by making your signup form easily visible on your website. Let’s take a detailed look at the various ways to entice customers to subscribe to your email list.

● Asking at the point of sale

This technique can work wonders for your email list if combined with discounts and offers. You can do so by getting your employees to ask the customers if they are willing to join your subscriber list in return of an offer or a discount. It is a great way of hitting the right customer at the right time while increasing your email list like never before.

● Include physical subscription forms

Another great way to grow your email list is by keeping clipboards, printed forms in your physical store and encouraging customers to submit their email addresses.

● Ask for business cards

Business cards usually have all the necessary details of a person including their email id. So, if you can entice them with offers and discounts for dropping their business cards, you can easily collect a lot of emails. In this context, you can add incentives such as contests where everything is communicated through creative signage and promotional materials. People will happily drop their business cards in the allure of winning a prize.

● Make use of receipts and packaging

Receipts and packaging can work a great deal in bringing customers on board with your newsletter. You can either add instructions regarding the same at the bottom of the receipt or in the packages that your customers take along with them. Further, you can even go a step ahead and put flyers with the details of the incentives you are going to provide if they sign up to your email list.

3. Go for geo-targeting

Geo-targeting, with its ability to send emails to customers based on their geographic location, can help you create location-based landing pages. This, in turn, will help you give relevant offers to each customer, thereby driving them to your brick and mortar business. In fact, you can make use of geotargeting and offer dynamic content to your customers based on their location.

Wrap up

In conclusion, email marketing is a channel that can be used by any business, be it an eCommerce store or a physical store. With a robust email campaign, even your Brick and Mortar business can yield great results and ROI. So, start building your email list now and send high-quality, relevant and regular email campaigns to grow your offline business and give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

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