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Fully managed email marketing campaign services

Many businesses simply don’t have the staff, time, resources, or expertise to handle the full extent of their email marketing needs. With InboxGroup’s managed email marketing services solution, you’ll get a team of email marketing professionals to help you manage your email marketing campaigns. We’ll save you time, money, and resources by the taking the load off your team–and, in some cases, save you the cost of another employee.

So, if you wish to focus on your business growth and rest assured about your email marketing strategy, we can be the perfect partner for you by offering targeted email marketing services.

We Manage Your Email Marketing Program

What can be included in a managed email marketing campaign services:

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Complete Email Marketing Audit

As dreaded as this word is for you, its importance cannot be overlooked. Get a complete report on how to enhance your email campaigns and make them more effective, in our email marketing audit. Whether you have a properly built list, an engaging copy or properly coded email design, we will give you a detailed account on everything – not to forget – help you make your emails better.

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Email Marketing Vendor Selection

Selection of an email marketing vendor is a crucial point for marketers. InboxGroup puts together their experience and expertise to help you select an ideal email marketing vendor contemplating about all your requirements of today and the future. We make sure you have a scalable solution that will drive business growth and act as a catalyst to your progress.

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Email Creative (including custom email template creation)

Most of the marketers lose their peaceful sleep thinking about how to enhance their email campaigns and increase subscriber engagement. InboxGroup brings you a dedicated team of expert professionals who strive to give their best and look after your email creative.

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Mailing Creation, Setup, and Deployment

Once the email design is approved, it is coded and scheduled for deployment. We ensure that the preferences of the customer are met, and the brand reputation is maintained. Moreover, timely deployment plays a significant role when it comes to the success of your email campaigns and we strictly adhere to the deadlines.

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Email Strategy and Consulting

If you are looking for expert insights into your email strategy, you can consult our professionals and get a direction for your email strategy. Our team stays abreast with the current trends and gives you the best advice that will suit your industry and type of business.

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Email Marketing Automation (i.e. nurture programs and transactional email campaigns)

Most of the marketers are perplexed with the automation of their email marketing campaigns. Are you wondering how to nurture leads and design great transactional emails? Experienced professionals at InboxGroup have great ideas to help you out.

Dedicated Account Managers

When you become an InboxGroup client, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who will work with you to learn every facet of your email marketing program. They’ll get to know you, how you work, what you like (and what you don’t). You’ll receive quick, efficient, professional service at a fair price. Simply put, we do the work for you. You’ll still have access to reporting and have the ability to make content changes on your own. We’re a vendor-neutral, full-service email marketing agency. Below are some of the Email Service Providers we have experience working with:

InboxGroup is an email marketing agency helping companies and non-profits of all sizes communicate with their customers, establish relationships, ensure retention, and build credibility through email, social media, and mobile.

For more information, give InboxGroup a call toll-free 1-888-504-6269.

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1. Cost-Effective solution

So many businesses spend an exorbitant amount on email marketing. InboxGroup offers cost-effective email campaign services to all your email marketing needs that fits the budget of small businesses. With a full-service agency like InboxGroup, you can mitigate the cost of hiring and training an employee while driving better results for your business.

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2. opportunity to reach more customers

Professionals at InboxGroup are dedicated to managing your entire email marketing program. Our email marketing solutions help you create content and design that can help you increase the reach of your campaigns and subscriber engagement. Our experts will let you know the right audience for your message and send the right email at the right time which will ultimately translate to a higher conversion rate.

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3. full-service email marketing firm

Strategization to deployment – InboxGroup takes care of all your email marketing needs. While you put business growth at the cynosure, managed email marketing services by InboxGroup propel your email marketing efforts and get unmatched results from every aspect of the program.

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