Mother’s Day Email Inspirations

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Mother’s Day is almost here. Have you made your bed yet?

Last year, our friends at InboxArmy shared some great email marketing insights into how to enhance your email conversions during this special day. If you’re looking for some fresh Mother’s Day inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at a few impressive email inspirations that would help you boost your sales this coming holiday.

  1. Skull Candy

Thumbs Up

  • A visually attractive hero image followed by plain text that suits the occasion
  • Strong CTA above the fold
  • Perfect use of white space
  • Text to image ratio is properly maintained
  • Well-designed footer

Skullcandy Show your love with wireless audio

  1. Fossil

Thumbs Up

  • An interesting GIF is used as the hero image combined with a captivating headline
  • Effective social media integration with an Instagram hashtag
  • Good CTAs at appropriate places

fossil email

  1. Skagen

Thumbs Up

  • Brand-appropriate, minimalistic email design integrated with social media
  • An enticing GIF displaying the different gift ideas for Mother’s Day
  • Effective use of white space
  • Good CTAs in every section

Skagen Email

  1. Charity: Water

Thumbs Up

  • A simple design that matches the theme of Mother’s Day
  • Strong, single CTA without any other distracting elements
  • Social sharing buttons in the footer

Charity Water email

  1. Bond no 9

Thumbs Up

  • Good use of navigation
  • A visually appealing GIF that matches the brand value
  • Primary CTA in the first fold followed by secondary CTAs in every section

Bond No. 9 email

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