Three Actionable and Creative Ideas for Your Holiday Email Marketing Plans

Posted by Chris Donald On November 2, 2017 in story time I 0 Comments

The holidays are already here—for email marketers. If you haven’t already started planning your email marketing strategy, time is of the essence!

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And if you’re in need of some ways to make your email marketing campaigns stand out from the inevitable inbox overload, here are some ideas for you:

1. Add interactivity in your emails

Give your subscribers something different when they open your emails. Try animated GIFs, videos, and real-time content that effectively convey your message and bring holiday cheer.

Boden sent out this Christmas email in 2016 with a GIF featuring two cute reindeer. Appropriate holiday cheer and engaging content can work well for you, too.


2. Try implementing gamification strategy

Everyone loves games. Apply the same idea to your emails. Use your content to get your subscribers to complete tasks in search of rewards.

As you see here, Channel 4 implemented a gamification strategy for their Valentine’s Day email to drive higher conversions and make sure users remain interested in their services.

3. Include countdown timers in emails

Holiday email marketing is a great time to push urgent, time-sensitive offers and discounts. A great way to promote urgency is through the use of countdown timers.

Macys has done a great job at tempting the subscribers to complete the purchase by adding a countdown timer in the first fold of their email.

Final Thoughts

Test these ideas against your regular campaigns. Change your strategy and your calendar based on what works for you and your customers.

Whether it’s interactive gift guides, real-time content, or hyper-personalized information, use these ideas and hope your holiday season brings smiles to your customers… and your bottom line.

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