Timing your Transactional Emails Right

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Transactional emails, popularly known as triggered emails are emails that are sent to customers after they trigger a particular action. It works with the help of a transactional email software embedded into an application. It plays a critical role in customer satisfaction and reassurance. It ensures them that the action they have taken is successful. If businesses don’t send transactional emails, it will not only leave customers confused but would also lead to a lot of miscommunication and dissatisfaction. Therefore, if you wish to provide your customers with instant gratification and retain them, you must opt for transactional emails.

To put it in other words, transactional emails can serve as a critical marketing plan to build customer loyalty and accelerate your sales. However, it can only happen if you do it the right way, i.e. send it at the right time. Here’s a look at various kinds of transactional emails and when to send it.

1. The order confirmation email

An order confirmation email is a way of confirming a customer’s recent order or purchase. It is one of the most successful kinds of transactional email. It assures the buyer that their order has been received. So, it should be sent within minutes of the customer placing the order. Remember, the confirmation email is a great chance to instil your customer with immense confidence about the purchase they have done. It would even help you build a long term and trustworthy relationship with your customer. Therefore, make sure you send this email ASAP, i.e. right after the order being placed. Also, don’t forget to summarize all the essential information within your email. From order number and expected delivery date to purchase amount and tracking information, it should have all the necessary details. Take a look at how Urban Outfitters does it.

Besides, you can even put relevant product links and coupon, codes that can further entice the customers to make a repeat purchase through your brand.

2. The welcome or account registration email

The welcome or account registration email marks the beginning of an enduring relationship with your customer. It needs to be sent immediately once the customer signs up with your brand. A welcome email is an excellent way of making the first good impression amidst the new customer onboard. From giving them a sneak peek into your brand to let them know what they can expect from you, a welcome email is all you need to set the right tone for the customer’s entire sales and purchase lifecycle. Cook’s has a very creative approach for welcoming its new users. Take a look.

3. The shipping confirmation email

The next email in line is the shipping confirmation email. It is the time when the customer has placed their order and is waiting for it to get shipped. This is when a shipping confirmation email can come in handy. It doesn’t only automatically answers the customers “where’s my order” query but also lets them track their shipment with ease. It is an excellent way of creating excitement within them regarding their purchase and nudging them into making a further purchase. Therefore, make it a point to send a shipping confirmation email as soon as you ship a customer’s order.

4. The customer feedback email

A customer feedback email should be sent immediately after the purchased product has been delivered. It is a perfect way of showing your customers that their opinion matters and you care about their feedback. When you send a customer feedback email, make it a point to make the whole process easy for the customer. From precise instructions to a clear call to action button, it should have it all. Some relevant information that you can include in a customer feedback email is the date of purchase, products purchased along with the price of the product.

5. The abandoned cart email

There are times when a customer adds something to the cart but doesn’t make the purchase. It can happen because of many reasons such as weak internet connection, complicated payment process etc. The abandoned cart email can entice the customer to complete the purchase. The timing of an abandoned cart email depends on the product you are selling. For instance, if you have a food delivery service, a cart abandonment email should be sent within a few minutes after the cart has been abandoned because ordering food is a decision that takes minutes. However, purchasing eyeglasses is a decision that takes time. So, in such cases, a transactional email should be sent after a day of the cart abandonment to give the customer adequate time to think about their decision. Also, it is always a great idea to incentivize your cart abandonment email. From discounts to exclusive offers to free deliveries, including these in your cart abandonment emails can persuade the customer to make the final purchase immediately. See how Jack Wills does it like a pro.

6. The password reset email

The password reset email is sent when a user requests for a new password. It should be sent within seconds of the password being requested with adequate information and clear steps for doing the needful. When a customer requests a new password, it shows that there is urgency in their demand and that they want it then and there.

Wrap up

Timing is everything when it comes to sending transactional emails. It will enhance the probability of it being opened and read by the customer. So, make sure you send it at the right time. It should neither be too early, not too late. While emails like password reset, order confirmation, shipping and delivery confirmation should be sent immediately, emails like cart abandonment should be sent within 24 hours of abandonment. In short, do it the right way and see how it makes you successful in the long run of business.

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