Stop Guessing! Get Expert Advice for Your Email Marketing Programs

Posted by Chris Donald On March 6, 2018 in story time I 0 Comments

Email marketing is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, dedication, and resources to turn ROI into reality. Growing and maintaining your email list, campaign creation (transactional, promotional, lifecycle programs), campaign deployment, reporting, and taking steps to ultimately enhance your email marketing ROI with each campaign—each of these steps requires focus.

While there is a cost to adding expert help to your email marketing efforts, lacking focus and expertise could be deterring you from achieving maximum ROI.

Here are 4 reasons why you should get expert advice for your email marketing programs:

1. You need a clean list

A list that is built organically fails no marketer. But this requires more effort than you might think. Building a list and maintaining list hygiene requires time and expertise. Experts can develop a user-friendly opt-in process which follows best practices. Experts can help manage list churn—the unsubscribes, bounces, and spam complaints that come through. These list hygiene efforts can save you from spam filters and blacklists.

2. You need to send targeted, relevant emails

A general email blast is most often better than nothing. But being generic won’t keep your subscribers happy. Subscribers are becoming more sophisticated and have higher expectations for their inbox than ever before. And irrelevant messages just simply won’t cut it.

Segmentation is a necessary, yet sometimes time-consuming process for increasing email marketing program effectiveness. Email marketing experts will know how to break down your list into segments including demographics, geographics, purchase behaviors, etc. They’ll also help you craft content that’s relevant to each of those groups, which will boost open and click-through rates.

Relevant emails also extend to the types of emails you can send—welcome/onboarding emails, promotions, behavior-based emails, and re-engagement, among others. Creating these emails is a challenge. Experts can audit your content and your processes and help you find the right balance of email campaigns to maximize ROI.

3. You need conversions

Ultimately, email marketing programs need to deliver conversions (however you may define them). Segmentation, personalization, mobile-friendly design, and many other factors play a role in how well your campaigns and programs deliver conversions. Email marketing professionals will know how to optimize your emails to generate better click-through rates that ultimately drive more conversions.

4. You need to curb costs and save time

Wait, hiring an expert might actually save you money? The short answer: Yes.

Do you have time to produce mobile-friendly emails? Do you have time to plan a strategy, test different versions of creative, track your metrics and analyze campaign performance? Do you have time to setup automated and triggered email marketing campaigns? Do you have time to do all of this AND run your business?

Odds are no, you don’t. Or if you think you do, you’re dropping the ball in some other important aspect of your business.

Hiring an expert will save you the man hours, stress, and effort that it takes to run an effective email marketing program. It’s an investment that pays dividend.

Wrapping Up

Instead of guessing what your subscribers would like or what will get maximum conversions out of your email campaigns, you should opt for expert advice. Find a full-service email marketing agency that can handle every aspect of your email marketing program for you.

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